Monday, June 14, 2010

Learned Behavior

It is interesting how much and how fast little kids pick up on your own behavior. I have to be so careful with what I do and say… Whitney, you repeat or try to reenact the littlest things, it’s funny. Some reenactments of late:

You were at Megan’s house and had just finished eating a treat. Instead of throwing your wrapper in the garbage can you threw it on the ground. Megan asked you nicely to put it in the garbage and you put your hoodie over your head and said “I can’t, I’m TOO tired.” And then you went and laid on the couch, like you were so exhausted you couldn’t pick up your own garbage. J Not such a great “learned behavior” but one that you have definitely heard me say many times… sadly.

Another time, Daddy and you found a little baby spider in a spider’s web on the side of our house. Dad thought it would be fun to try and feed it soo you went in search for some food. You guys came across an ant hill so naturally you two picked up some ants and tried to feed the spider. I don’t know if the spider actually ate the ants but every time you see an ant hill now you try to pick them up and you go in search of the spider. (Which is no longer there.) If there is one insect I SUPER SUPER dislike it is ants, really. They freak me out! I’m pretty sure dad taught you this just to make me a little crazy!

You also love to do whatever we are doing. When dad is working on the computer, you like to work on yours too.

Just working so hard!

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