Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Waterfalls and Butterflies

We like to call Jessie FM. The fun mom. I kinda think that sometimes she really thinks that she is your mom! :) She loves you SO much and we are definitely her hobby! She pops in almost every day after work to either say hi for a quick minute or has some sort of activity planned for us. She has created calendars for us in the past with scheduled activities. Her mentality is no work, all play. Sometimes I have to get mad at her because we can't play EVERY day. I have to work, keep the house clean.. there ARE chores that need to be done. But she sure is fun. She is leaving us again to go teach English in China on August 1st so you can be certain that almost every day after she works (she works until 2) there is an activity planned.

One little adventure that was really fun was a hike that we went on. I can't remember what the hike was called but it was in Draper and we walked to some waterfalls. With you being the active toddler that you are, any activity that is outside... walking or running... is a good one for both you and me. You walked most of the way all by yourself and had so much fun finding butterflies along the way. You tried calling them to you by patting your leg and putting out your hand out and saying, "Come here, little butterfly." You also loved the waterfall. It was a perfect hike, perfect weather, and a perfect little adventure for the 3 of us! (4 if you count little Hank.)

You are trying to get a butterfly to come to you.

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