Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sprinklers, baby monsters, and nail polish

Whit you love to get wet and run through the sprinklers. We haven't really had many warm days to take advantage of this yet but when it's warm we spend every possible second outside. On Monday we (me, you, and Camden) walked down to the school to play on the play ground. To our lucky surprise they had the sprinklers going and you had so much fun running in them. They would slap your face and you would run as fast as you could back to me and then run as fast as you could back to the water. You are one busy body that loves to run around.

When we got back home we were outside waiting for Rochelle (Camden's mom) to come and pick him up. You kept saying that you needed to go inside to grab something so I said ok, you opened the door like 3 times... let the dogs out like 3 times :(... and were gone for a little bit inside looking for something. Finally you emerged back outside with your hands in a cupping shape, like you were holding something. I asked you what you were holding and you said, "Oh, just my baby monster." and you showed me the imaginary monster in your hand, asked me to hold it for you, and then went back to playing with Camden. You love to play pretend.

Another thing that you love to do is paint your nails and toe nails. Jess is in charge of that department but every time we go to grandma and grandpa's you always ask Jessie to paint your nails. You have now started "pretending" to paint your own nails. Yesterday, you made me sit down for about 5 minutes while you pretend painted my nails and toe nails. You would dip your finger into the imaginary nail polish and then paint each nail so perfectly and then dip again. I asked you what color you were painting them, of course you said pink. My nails looked beautiful! Thanks Whit! :)

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