Monday, May 10, 2010

Lost Turtles and Little Prayers

A couple of weeks ago you and daddy were working outside in the backyard and dad accidentally left the gate open. Val was wandering around in the yard and somehow snuck out. Silly turtle. Awhile later we noticed he was gone and we were looking for him but couldn't find him anywhere! We searched everywhere we possibly could in places that he could never possibly get to!:) Dad rounded up the neighborhood kids and enlisted them in helping us find him. After about 2 hours of searching for him it finally dawned on mommy to say a little prayer. So me and you came inside and said a prayer. You asked Heavenly Father to help us find Valentine. It was so cute to hear the urgency and worry in your little 2 year old voice. After saying the prayer it was no more than about 5 minutes that one of the neighbor kids came rushing over to say that he had found the turtle!! Valentine was burrowed in neighbors yard somewhere. We were VERY happy that we found him. Thank you Whitney for your childlike faith and sweet innocence. Heavenly Father does hear and answer prayers even if they are as small as helping us find our silly turtle, Valentine.

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